RTI Payroll Services for UK Employers

RTI payroll services is perfect for your business if you only want the minimum but crucial processing doing by ourselves.

By delegating this highly sensitive and time-critical work to us, you will be able to focus on the strategic parts of your business, and all without the need to worry about increased staffing costs, expensive software costs or spending hours of your valuable time on the HMRC website

What’s Included In our RTI Payroll Service?

    • Salary / wages are processed using HMRC accredited RTI Payroll software
    • Payroll Reports showing details of Tax, NI & other payments and deductions
    • Payslips emailed in a PDF file or why not have a password protected payslip emailed directly to your employee!
    • P32 PAYE Tax and NI payments due emailed to you including all the details on when & how to pay
    • RTI Reporting, including Full Payment Submission (FPS) and Employer Payment Submission (EPS)
    • Year end P60’s all processed and emailed to you for distribution to your employees
    • P45’s (leaver statement) and P46’s (employee without a P45) all included

Prices from as little as £1.50 per pay period per payslip.

Owner Director of a Limited Company and need to process & submit RTI Payroll?  Then we have the perfect solution for you at only £10 a month!

If you are looking for low cost HIGH value services for payroll, then look no further. Bizzybees go that extra mile for you & delivers, which is rare in business these days.Bizzybees work diligently in the background, delivers all requisite paperwork and keeps things in order.Timothy M Jones
Managing Director at ConneX157 Ltd

With the introduction of RTI and the enhanced payroll reporting that this brings why do it yourself?

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